Facebook Whatsapp and Instagram server down!

In many countries including Bangladesh, the server of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram has gone down. As a result, users are not able to enter through these. This information was informed in the report of Indian media NDTV on Monday evening.

When you go to the Facebook website since Monday evening, there is a message there. It says, ‘ Sorry, there’s a problem. We are working on the solution. It will be alright soon. ‘

An internet gateway company in Bangladesh said that Facebook and WhatsApp servers are down from pm in Bangladesh. Thousands of users from different countries have complained to Downdetector.com . DownDetectors are an online site that publishes information about various sites or online services when they are upset. There are over 20k users complaining about Facebook and Instagram.

But nothing has been officially notified by Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram yet.
The monthly active user of Facebook is now 290 crore. That means from this amount of accounts worldwide, login to Facebook at least once a month. FB have 4 crore 80 lak users in Bangladesh.

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