Facebook will invest in digital infrastructure sector

Facebook will invest in Bangladesh in digital infrastructure sector. Initially their investment will amount to $ 1 billion i.e. $ 8 thousand crore. But this discussion on investment has not reached its final stage, said Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar. Last 9 August Facebook expressed interest in a high-level virtual meeting on investment between Facebook authorities and BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission).
Head of Connectivity Tom C, Connectivity Affairs Officer Tahani Iqbal, Head of Public Policy Sabnaz Rashid, from the Singapore Regional Office of Facebook participated in the meeting.

Currently Facebook’s users in Bangladesh are 4 crore 80 lakhs. Which is the tenth highest subscriber on Facebook. Even though Facebook has avoided Bangladesh for so long, now it is giving special importance to the judgment of the number of customers. Meanwhile, institutions like Facebook and Google are also giving VAT by registering VAT id. Raising the context of that day’s meeting, the telecommunications minister said that this was the very first step of the discussion, Further details will be explained later on which sectors they actually want to invest.
But they talked about digital infrastructure. A tech entrepreneur of the country said that Facebook will invest in the digital infrastructure sector of Bangladeshi mobile internet networks. The reason he noted, they now have huge business in the country. As a result, they will want to increase the number of users. That’s why they’re expected to be able to help access internet in remote areas, take initiatives like low-money social pack offers, make access to low-cost digital devices, install free WiFi zones, support various Facebook-centered initiatives.