Chinese children cannot play mobile games for more than an hour

Due to Corona, the children and children who were unable to go out due to the closure of educational institutions. Most of the day is busy with mobile. Some people are playing games on mobile phones even though they are in online classes for a while. This game has also become a kind of energy.

China has made children’s online video games more difficult. The country’s government has set the online gaming deadline for Chinese children under 18 years old. From now on they can’t play more than 1 hours of games on weekends Fridays and other holidays. RA game schedule is 8 pm to 9 pm. The country’s game regulatory authorities have also given proper directions to gaming institutions to control gaming for children and teenagers. Gaming organizations have also been asked to be vigilant about not being able to play games outside the stated time. Authorities have said that online gaming company’s supervision activities will also be increased to ensure the deadline.

China made major changes in children’s game playing in 2019 with new rules. At that time, only one and a half hour of game time is set to play every day. Earlier this month, Tencent was directed to further reduce that game time. According to the new rules, children will have a total of 3 hours to play Honor of Kings mobile games the night before the weekend and the weekend. Earlier this month, the Chinese state media warned of internet games being ‘spiritual opium’