Changing the country on old iPhone is increasing speed

Multiple news have reported that Apple has reduced the speed of older model iPhones. Anger among users when the matter is revealed. Then Apple apologizes, faces fines. The explanation said, they cut the speed so that the iPhone doesn’t turn off when the battery gets old.
Apple gives the opportunity to replace battery at a relatively low cost after the incident. The control to determine whether the iPhone’s speed will be reduced instantly will be left to the user through ‘ performance management ‘ facility.

Apple loses the case in France over reducing the speed of iPhone, a new news report says. If ‘France’ is selected as a country from iPhone settings, the performance management facility on old phones automatically disabled. The report on the Chinese website Mydrivers said that the device was speeding up.
The report shows the Antutu benchmark test on the older iPhone 7 model smartphone to show the difference in speed before and after the location change. But it’s not clear whether changing the position of the device changes anything more with performance management.
NDTV news said the issue of reducing speed with iPhone age first came public in December 2017 Even if you apologize, the US company is unhappy to accept it as a strategy to increase the sales of new phone. Then the facility launches to show how efficient the battery is.
French agency DGCCRF fined Apple 2020 crore euros in February 2020 after investigation into the iPhone speed down. The reason he fined is basically failure to notify customers.