Realme GT Master Edition launch in Bangladesh

The country’s top smartphone manufacturer brand Realme has brought to the market in the second quarter of this year their popular GT series flagship phone GT master edition. This amazing flagship smartphone is now available nationwide. Smartphone users can buy the phone from any outlet in the country.

Realme GT Master Edition with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage in the industry’s first 8-D leather backshell is available in two great colors – Voyager Grey and Day-Break Blue. Go to buy this amazing flagship smartphone for only 33,000/- taka.Read more

Calling with wifi feature is coming in the new iPhone

Apple’s next smartphone is heard to call or text without a cellular network. That benefit will be given by joining artificial satellites or satellites. Apple plans to bring such facilities to ‘iPhone 13‘ smartphones to contact emergency services outside the mobile network.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuyo said that the new iPhone satellite was being added last Sunday ahead of Bloomberg report. Before the announcement from Apple, he often informed about the different aspects of the company’s upcoming products. His ‘predictions’ proved to be relatively credible.Read more

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G will be launched in Bangladesh

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G
When will Samsung Galaxy A52 5G be launched in Bangladesh
South Korea’s popular smartphone company Samsung has shared a teaser confirming the launch of the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G in Bangladesh via its official YouTube channel. Short 22-second video only indicates the upcoming launch, not the specific date. However, according to online reports, this timeline could be September 3 Hopefully the company will soon officially reveal the launch date of this smartphone.

The price of Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

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Chinese children cannot play mobile games for more than an hour

Due to Corona, the children and children who were unable to go out due to the closure of educational institutions. Most of the day is busy with mobile. Some people are playing games on mobile phones even though they are in online classes for a while. This game has also become a kind of energy.

China has made children’s online video games more difficult. The country’s government has set the online gaming deadline for Chinese children under 18 years old. From now on they can’t play more than 1 hours of games on weekends Fridays and other holidays. RA game schedule is 8 pm to 9 pm.Read more

Changing the country on old iPhone is increasing speed

Multiple news have reported that Apple has reduced the speed of older model iPhones. Anger among users when the matter is revealed. Then Apple apologizes, faces fines. The explanation said, they cut the speed so that the iPhone doesn’t turn off when the battery gets old.
Apple gives the opportunity to replace battery at a relatively low cost after the incident. The control to determine whether the iPhone’s speed will be reduced instantly will be left to the user through ‘ performance management ‘ facility.

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