Mobile internet normal after 11 hours

After about 11 hours, internet service has been started over mobile phones in Dhaka division. On Friday afternoon, an official of the Bangladesh Telecommunications Control Commission (BTRC) told The Daily Star that customers from all departments will get internet service phased out.
He also said that the-G and-G internet services were off on mobile phones across the country since early this morning. Meanwhile,-G and-G internet service has been started on mobile phones in Dhaka.

At this time, people all over the country are suffering while using internet on their mobile phones. Various services based on mobile apps have been disrupted.

Inquiring about mobile internet services being disrupted across the country, Postal and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar told the Daily Star this morning, ‘ It may have been due to technical faults. Trying to figure out the matter. Mobile internet service will be resumed anytime again. ‘

The fast-speed mobile internet was shut down in the surrounding areas including Comilla yesterday, said related sources. Later, customers of Cox’s Bazar, Brahmanbaria, including several other districts were facing difficulty using 4G and 3G internet.

55 lakh illegal mobile phones in Bangladesh

mobile phones in the market of BangladeshPostal and Telecommunications Department Minister Mustafa Jabbar said that there are more than 55 lakh illegal mobile phones in the Bangladesh’s market now. These phones have come to the country in many ways – either by theft, by luggage, or by any other way by evading tariffs. But the phone sets were not sold in the market. NEIR (National Equipment Identity Register) system has been launched in the country. As a result, the traders will not be able to start these illegal phones anymore.Read more