Calling with wifi feature is coming in the new iPhone

Apple’s next smartphone is heard to call or text without a cellular network. That benefit will be given by joining artificial satellites or satellites. Apple plans to bring such facilities to ‘iPhone 13‘ smartphones to contact emergency services outside the mobile network.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuyo said that the new iPhone satellite was being added last Sunday ahead of Bloomberg report. Before the announcement from Apple, he often informed about the different aspects of the company’s upcoming products. His ‘predictions’ proved to be relatively credible.

The next iPhone may have an advantage called ‘Emergency Message via Satellite’. This can send messages to emergency services and emergency contact numbers via satellite anywhere without cellular network. These message alphabets will be corrected and will show grey instead of SMS green or imessage blue icon. If you send such a message to someone designated as an emergency contact number, even if they keep the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode on, the message will show up on their mobile phone.

iPhone users will be able to inform emergency careers if they are in danger with another possible facility. The Bloomberg report says, the phone will ask for what kind of danger. It will be asked whether it is related to cars, boats, aircrafts or fire. If you want a re-user, you can also send information like his location and medical ID.

The next iPhone will also include the parts needed for making satellite calls. But that benefit may not come to iPhone before next year. That means there may be no opportunity to use the unusual benefits in the next iPhone market.

If the benefit of joining the satellite comes to the next iPhone, then there will be hope to get the necessary help even if you are out of the network in an emergency.