Bangladesh behind India in cyber security index

Among the countries circulated in the National Cyber Security Index, Bangladesh was only behind India. This time it surpassed India too. Bangladesh has jumped from 65th place to 38th place in the last list. One step back India is right after, at number 39

E-Governance Academy creates National Cyber Security Index (NCSI) by evaluating the preparation and intensity in managing cyber incidents, crime and major crisis in the listing countries. The nonprofit is a joint initiative of the Government of Estonia, Open Society Institute and the United Nations Development Program.

Bangladesh ranked 38 among 160 countries after getting 74 points in the NCSI index in 59 On the other hand, Bangladesh’s position is 53th in the global cybersecurity index published by the UN International Telecommunications Union and 147th in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Development Index. And Bangladesh is ranked 105th in the World Economic Forum Network Readiness Index.

Greece again in the first place with 1 points in the NCSI index 96 decade. The top five other countries are Czech Republic, Estonia, Portugal and Lithuania.

Singapore tops Asian countries in index. The country is in 16th position with 52 points in 80 decade. Sri Lanka 69th, Pakistan 70th, Nepal 98th, Bhutan 116th and Afghanistan 133th among other countries circulated. Maldives is not on the list.

The last five countries of the index are Congo, Burundi, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and South Sudan.