55 lakh illegal mobile phones in Bangladesh

mobile phones in the market of BangladeshPostal and Telecommunications Department Minister Mustafa Jabbar said that there are more than 55 lakh illegal mobile phones in the Bangladesh’s market now. These phones have come to the country in many ways – either by theft, by luggage, or by any other way by evading tariffs. But the phone sets were not sold in the market. NEIR (National Equipment Identity Register) system has been launched in the country. As a result, the traders will not be able to start these illegal phones anymore.

Mustafa Jabbar told , ‘ We know that there are 55 lakh illegal mobile phones in the market. These have no future. ‘ He also said that mobile phones have stopped coming in the country on the theft path. This is what we wanted. Implementation of NEIR system has brought discipline back to this sector. Everything has to be under one rule.

The new rules are counting the hours when illegal mobile phones are launched from October 1, which will be ‘marked illegal’ and closed. Even though it is an illegal phone, BTRC is sending messages to the phone set saying that the phone is ‘illegal’ while launching it on the network. That means the phone will go off anytime. About 2 lakh mobile phones were identified as illegal in 6 days from last 1 to 5 October and the process of shutting off the phones has begun.

According to BTRC data, the number of IMEIs received from mobile operators is 44 decimally 53 crore, which has already been automatically registered in NEIR system. Currently around 22 crore 26 lakh mobile handsets are connected to the mobile network.

Local manufacturers, importers are happy as the sale of illegal mobile phones stopped after the launch of NEIR system in the country, mobile Sales has increased. Two mobile phones importers and one manufacturer said that the sales of mobile phones have increased a lot, But it will take at least 15 days to get a clear picture. Actual market will be understood after the sale of phones launched by September 30 The chip crisis is going on worldwide, they said. This is why mobile phone traders have less stock. The market will get back to its normal speed as the crisis starts to end.

If you want to know, the joint secretary of Bangladesh Mobile Phone Importers Association (BMPIA), Mohammad Mesbah Uddin said, ‘ There are illegal mobile phones in the market. Trying to get them registered. ‘ He said, now mobile phones are not entering the country illegally. But I have come to know that many people have registered their mobile phones in the last 30 September. Some of those mobile phones are selling now. These will be gone soon. He also said, many mobile phone sets have already been identified as illegal while launching. Some of them have been stopped, some have been reportedly not stopped.

The NEIR system has been implemented in many countries including Turkey, Sri Lanka, Philippines, according to BTRC sources.
BMPIA says, 25 to 30 lakh mobile phones are sold every month in the country. In the meantime, even if at least 10 percent of illegal phones are taken, that number becomes 3 lakhs. BMPIA says the amount of selling illegal mobiles (stolen, illegally coming to the country) in every month is 3 to 5 lakhs. Though the mobile phone traders claim, 30 % of the total phones sold in the country are illegal phones.